Mandatory NOC For Approval Of Factory Plan in Haryana

For the ease of doing business the government of Haryana has made amendment in the Factories Act, 1948 (“Principal Act”) and vide notification no 2/05/2019-2lab .

According to which obtaining prior NOC( No objection certificate) from Haryana Fire & emergency services department and NOC from Haryana State pollution control board for approval of factory plans under the Factories Act 1948,is dispensed with immediate effect.

The occupier/stakeholder shall fulfill the following condition for the approval of factory plan:-

  1. Occupier shall provide and maintain the adequate and suitable fire fighting equipment in-charge of trained responsible person and in this regard NOC (No Objection Certificate) shall be obtained from Haryana Fire & Emergency Service Department
  2. Occupier shall arrange for the disposal of trade Waste and effluent and shall carry out environmental audit/record and in this regard, Occupier shall obtain consent to Establish/ Operate from from Haryana State Pollution Control Board.

All officers of Labour Department and occupier/ stakeholders have been instructed to adhere the instructions with immediate effect for the approval of factory plan .
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